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Connecting finance and video game industry

We are building powerful AR set to connect finance, primary banking, and video games industry through augmented reality.

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Main platform


Our video game aims to offer real-time AR experience. Player can see video game world(s) anywhere on Earth.

We are building an augmented reality engine which displays high-quality offline terrain map of Earth on smartphone application.

The map is overlayed with data from real world such as traffic data, twitter data, stock prices, weather etc.

Such a model is filled with textures and 3D objects from post-apocalyptic and futuristic era of our planet.

Our goal is to create a video-game where player interacts with the simple model of Earth and offer payment SDK for video game industry.


Our core product is an AR video game that aims to offer a real-time AR experience. A separated product is a AR engine developed for that purpose
which smooth the transition between both realities and manage to create rich and vast 3D worlds.

Video game

Seeing completely different worlds through the camera lenses is the future of the videogame industry. Our video game aims to offer such a experience.

The storyline is set in futuristic world where all is about automation and computer viruses.

The core game mechanisms are inspired by algorithmic trading, principles of computer attacks and blockchain technology.


We are working on an augmented reality engine focused on terrain mapping and creation of vast 3D video game worlds. The kit helps us to smoothen the movements between reality and AR and compress the data.

This engine is possible to use for variety of industries as additional reality for information - shipping, constructions, orientation for soldiers, real-time design etc.

Payment SDK

We are developing a payment SDK for video games as a part of our research. We seek to provide global solution for any video game that aims for in-app purchases business model.

Our solution has pre-fab modules for management of video game currencies and in-app purchases.


Petr Pomazal

Tax advisor/ investor

Petr Pomazal oversees the Aelnor and Elisinor projects and is one of the angel investor. He is a tax advisor and accountant with 10 years of practise.

Tomáš Veselý

Founder / product manager

Tomáš Veselý is experienced professional on financial markets and Web/App design. This unique connection laid down foundation of Elisinor.

Yi Jhin Pang

English and Chinese communication

Yi Jhin Pang is responsible for our communication in English and Chinese. She has set up its own business in Asia and helps us to scale to Asian market.

Michal Novotný

Senior Java developer

Michal Novotný is an experienced java developer who is interested in video game industry. He studied on ČVUT informatics.


We are looking for developers and IT professionals who would like to set up a software company
in video game industry that extends its activities to image processing and data analytics.


We are eager to cooperate with technology universities in order to expand the AR research. Second field we are interested is graphics and design.


Some of us are students, some working, all supervised by experience potential investor. Become part of our team and work in video game industry.


Our product is designed to entertain but its core mechanisms have huge overlap in image processing and data analytics. We are open to potential partnerships and investments.


Join us and work on Next-Gen videogames. For serious applicants we are open to negotiate about equity.

Co-founder - C++, C#, Unity

About us

We are group of people interested in creating vast video game worlds which can be seen by using smartphone through augmented/mixed reality. Current level of technology allows creation of Earth-size video game worlds and we would like work on our very first Earth-like video game.

For that we need you, a developer who helps s to create prototype which we will presented to investors as proof-of-concept. One of investor is already advising us in tax and law.

If you are interested in cloud video game computering, simulations of cities and mixed reality, lets meet in person.

Desired skills

  • C# or C++ advanced level
  • Unity3D
  • English is must

Participation on project with huge potential at its early stage is always not easy. That is why we are looking for people who want to accomplish something no one has ever done before. For serious applicants we are open to negotiate about equity.

Get In Touch

Tomas Vesely
+420 774 406 783

Algorithmic trading


Algoritmic trading

We partnership with firm focused on algorithmic trading and our employees can benefit from their statistical models for trading US stocks and ETF.

Video game overview

Game takes place in futuristic world on Earth when all work has been is automated.
The planet is inhabited by autonomous robots and Tech lords.